Writing for the PGDC

Writing for the PGDC

Simple content posted in on 6 June 2011
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Write for the Planned Giving Design Center, the largest online community of professional advisors representing the legal, accounting, tax, financial and estate planning disciplines, all with a common interest in charitable gift planning. Like all communities, participation by our members in the form of content contributions is the key to its success.

The best way to participate in the PGDC community is to have your work published.

The PGDC welcomes the submission of original content related to the topic of charitable gift planning for consideration of publication on the PGDC national website at pgdc.com.

Content can take the form of articles, technical treatises, case studies, and news items from within the your area of expertise that would be of interest to the charitable gift planning advisory community.

Submitting content is simple. For completed items, please forward them by email to Randy Fox, Editor in Chief of the Planned Giving Design Center at randy.fox@pgdc.com. For items concepts, please send a brief description of the piece to be written or call Mr. Fox at (704) 698-4055.

All topics related to charitable gift planning will be considered for publication. Items of a technical nature should be fully annotated. Authors are also encouraged to embed links to source documents and other supporting web pages whenever possible, and to avoid promoting products or services they represent or in which they otherwise have a financial interest.

Once your work has been accepted, it will be placed in the publication cue and you will be notified of its publication date. With over 30,000 PGDC members and growing, we encourage you to monitor your content periodically on the date of publication and thereafter so you can respond to comments and questions posted by other PGDC members. Also expect to be contacted by those who read your content via the contact information you choose to accompany your content.

Planned Giving Design Center, LLC and authors share copyright of published articles. However, the PGDC’s use of copyrighted is limited to its publication on pgdc.com. Articles that have been previously published elsewhere will be considered provided the author obtains permission to reprint. Full attribution will be given all copyright holders.

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