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This series is intended to allow advisors to more easily spot gift opportunities by looking at client data with a new set of eyes. We start with the tax return...
The Thing You Push Against is the Thing That Lifts You Up

Friend, Steve Meyers, once again challenges the status quo with his insights into approaching donors and meeting them where they're at. Steve's article is the first part of a new series we have in mind, following on the groundbreaking work in personalized...

29 Dec 2016 | General , | Practice | National Publication | Article | 3 comments

I provide a rebuttal for my earlier article and remove my tongue from my cheek.

This is my obviously tongue-in-cheek list of suggestions for each of you. Better yet, do what my kids always did. Do the opposite.
Randy Fox interviews John A. Warnick about the upcoming Fusion Collaboration in Colorado.

Author Bruce DeBoskey looks ahead and gives predictions of six dynamic trends that will shape the future of giving.


Don't miss the chance to learn about the founding events of American gift planning!  If you come to the National Conference on Philanthropic Planning (NCPP) in Orlando, please attend my Summit Track session.  See the outline below, to be accompanied with...

9 Jun 2014 | Demographics | National Publication | News story
Additional Lifetime Giving of $20.6 Trillion, Say Boston College Researchers

DO WE REALLY CARE HOW MUCH? Are the pundits right? Is it 40 trillion, 50 or 60? It's a lot of trillions. Who knows. It's a lot of capital available for philanthropy. Paul Schervish and John Havens at the Boston College Center on Wealth and Philanthropy have just...

10 Apr 2014 | Marketing | National Publication | Article | 4 comments
Nonprofits who work with professional advisors can increase their chances for success and yes, survival.

I believe nonprofits who chose to reduce their planned giving and endowment building efforts to chase current dollars made a mistake that may cost them their very survival. Read what The Chronicle of Philanthropy article reported and come to your own...


I received a LinkedIn post yesterday posted by Oliver Welty, CFRE. The post linked to Arthur C. Brooks op-ed in Sundays New York Times. The title was simply...

Charitable donations typically drop off after a surge at the end of the year.

Both advisors and clients benefit from discussing charitable giving earlier in the year. Here are 10 signs that your clients need help with charitable planning.

27 Jun 2013 | Demographics | National Publication | News story

As reported by Reuters, individual charitable giving in the United States grew almost 4 percent last year, while corporate donations rose at triple that rate, according to a report by Giving USA that shows donations by Americans to nonprofit groups mirroring the...

5 Nov 2012 | Demographics | National Publication | News story

The 2012 Bank of America Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy and attitudes of America’s wealthiest households.The latest in this series of studies was once again written and researched in partnership with the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University and builds...


Real estate holdings make up 30% to 40% of the assets of most families facing estate planning, retirement, and charitable decisions. In this article, real estate advisor Dennis Bidwell shares his survey results and years of experience in profiling the types of...

2 Feb 2012 | Demographics | National Publication | News story

According to a report by MSNBC, the Facebook IPO will mint over 1,000 new millionaires. Experts are stating they expect nonprofits, donor advised funds and charitable remainder trusts to benefit from the largest Internet IPO in history.

20 Sep 2011 | Marketing | National Publication | News story

National Estate Planning Awareness Week is slated for October 17 - 23, 2011. Learn more about how you can join the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils Education Foundation to share valuable information with your colleagues, associates...

20 Jun 2011 | Demographics | National Publication | News story

In its annual report on philanthropy, Giving USA Foundation reports that total estimated giving in the United States rose by 3.8 percent in 2010. The report attributes the increase to the modest economic recovery achieved in 2010. Giving by individuals rose an...

13 Oct 2009 | Ethics , | Marketing | National Publication | News story | 9 comments
According to a follow-up article in Forbes, "One of the U.S.'s largest charitable fundraising companies has hastily revamped hundreds of Web pages maintained in the name of individual nonprofits touting gift annuities. The firm has removed questionable references...
13 Oct 2009 | Marketing | National Publication | News story
Writing for PhilanTopic, a blog of opinion and commentary from Philanthropy News Digest, Thaler Pekar, a consultant specializing in persuasive message development, helps smart leaders and their organizations find, develop, and share the stories and organizational...
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