The Opportunity Right Under Your Nose

The Opportunity Right Under Your Nose

Article posted in Practice on 20 September 2017| comments
audience: National Publication, Two Hawks Consulting, LLC | last updated: 21 September 2017


Planned gifts come from those passionate about a cause. Find out where your clients volunteer and what boards they serve on to help propel the planned giving conversation.

By: Randy A. Fox, Editor-in-Chief

When you’re exploring the charitable leanings of a client, you not only discover what they care deeply about in the world, you’re unearthing a pattern of where they volunteer their time and donate their money – your opportunity to open the conversation on more substantial gifts.

Survey Says

In their recent poll of High Net Worth (HNW) donors, the US Trust found that 75.1% were also volunteers – 34.3% of which clocked more than 200 hours per year, that’s a rate of about four hours every week.

Why? Individuals that intend to make a large donation upon their death or at some point in the future want assurance that the organization will fulfill its mission and still be in existence at the time of the gift – volunteering time allows them to observe and impact a charity first hand to assist those goals.

Donors also expressed that they felt their advisor didn’t bring up the subject soon enough or often enough – except within the description of a tactic or tactics.

But what donors really want is for their advisor to help them discover their passionate causes.

Making Moves

Leading donors through a volunteering discussion, sharing your own experiences or discussing theirs will provide access to new conversations and a greater depth of understanding of who your client is and what they care about. After that, the tactical part is easy.

Ask questions about volunteer activities, locate the source of what drives your client’s philanthropy, and then discuss the potential of leaving a large planned gift to the cause your clients currently champion for with their time and talents.

The Personal Touch

Advisors interested in charitable and planned giving should consider doing their own volunteer work. Not just for the sole purpose of prospecting and learning the lingo, but to understand what it’s like to be involved at some level of the giving experience – to find gratification for supporting a cause that you believe in. Discovering your own passions about giving will enable you to understand and communicate with your clients at a deeper, more meaningful level.


Give me a call at (704) 698-4055 or email me at for more information on how charitable planning can benefit your clients.

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