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While the IRA Charitable rollover has survived time and time again since 2006, in this article Richard Fox explains why donors and their advisors need to beware and proceed with caution.

13 Feb 2014 | Outright Gift | National Publication | News story

If the history of our reporting on IRA contributions on the PGDC can be any indication, this popular method of charitable giving may continue. Read the recent article on the WALL STREET JOURNAL.

10 Jun 2009 | Outright Gift | National Publication | News story
To be or not to be? That seems to be the question for a growing number of family foundations, a new report from the Foundation Center and the Council on Foundations, and as reported by the Philanthropy News Digest blog, finds.
26 Apr 2005 | Outright Gift | National Publication | Case study | 4 comments

When considering making a charitable gift, most people think in terms of donating of cash, securities, or other property. However, a gift of the "use of" real or tangible property can be just as valuable to the charitable donee.

7 Feb 2005 | Outright Gift | National Publication | Case study | 5 comments

When most people are asked to make a charitable gift, they reach for their checkbook. Why? Because giving cash is simple and convenient. For small gifts, giving cash certainly makes sense; but when the donation gets larger, you should consider giving appreciated...

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Define: Outright Gift

An outright gift can be described as any transfer in which all title and rights in the transferred property are vested in the recipient.

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