Tax Reform PAC

Tax Reform PAC

Article posted in General on 24 August 2017| 2 comments
audience: National Publication | last updated: 24 August 2017

One of our colleagues, Chuck McLucas, is trying to slay a dragon. He is petitioning congress to allow S Corp stock to Charitable Remainder Trusts. While the PGDC is non political by nature, we can certainly see merit in Chuck's cause. Below is a link to his PAC website where you'll find a petition to sign, if you so desire.

Proposed Legislation

Sample Letter of Support

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Re: Tax Reform PAC

I cant remember the nature of the IRS objection. Would you refresh my memory please? (Briefly) I know there are some serious estate tax consequences to Sub S also. But cant remember the UBIT objections for charitable in this case. A reference to current research would do. On the face, seems fair to me. PS I think this is perfectly acceptable for PGDC. For information if nothing else.

Re: Tax Reform PAC

I am in the process of completing an article this week to explain the history of the S-Corporation and the UBTI issue. Send me a note to and I will send you the article when completed. I am hoping that the PGDC will publish it.

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